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Our full movie overview

Club Only Movies

Sky - Dunes
Luna - Bus Stop Girl
Luna - Unboxed
Luna - Thirsty
Luna - Animal Instinct
Sky - Abused Sky
Luna - Cum is Yummy
Sky - Dinner Time
Luna - Playing in Fishnets
Luna - In Heat at Night
Luna - Machine Gun'ed Luna
Luna - Proper Stretching
Luna & Amber - One 4 Each (FFDD)
Luna - A Training Session
Luna - Rocket-Girl
Ciarra - Properly Banged
Luna - Roll with Us
Luna & Nicki - Meet & Greet
Caramel - Lets have Fun
Ciarra - Join Me
Luna - Royal Milk (Luna as a Hucow, breast milking)
Luna - Tribute Training (Hucow breast milking)
Ciarra - No Milk
Nicki - Fuck me
Nicki - The Casting (VIP version is one hour long)
Harley Quinn - What a Dog wants
Luna - Fucking around
Luna & Harley - PetGirl Gymnastics
Luna - Coffee Break
Luna & Harley - Stepdaughters
Harley Quinn - Threesom
The VR Experience (Stereoscopic movie for VR headsets, free)

Trial Movies at the moment

Nicki - A-Party (anal knotting)
Harley Quinn - The Dog Sitter
Sky - My First Time
Ciarra - Surprise
Harley Quinn - Bitch Training
Harley Quinn - The Interview (German or English version)
Ciarra - Spit Roasted
Nicki - Lost & Found
Luna - Luna Knots

Movies shared and released for free to the club and low resolution to the public

Ciarra - Bush Baby
Geneva - The Visit
Luna - iPresent
Nicki - Beach Fun
Ciarra - Cum with Me
Luna - Luna's Toys
Ciarra - Orgasmic
Harley Quinn - Real-Estate Agent
Luna - The Slow Mo Special
Luna - Fill Me Up! 
Porcelain - Porcelain
Alice - Detention
Lucy - First Time
Harley Quinn - The casual routine
Harley Quinn - Coming Home
Luna - The Maid
Luna & Harley - Good Morning
Luna - Luna's Popsicle
Harley Quinn - New Bitch
Luna - The Tribute
Luna - Horny Stepdaughter
Luna - Training Day
Luna - Shower with Luna
Sin - Dr Jake
Moneypenny - Jake & I
Any questions, you reach me as usual at MrUnimportant@protonmail.com
We produce on a strict no violence policy. That goes towards all involved, models, animals and the poor camera guy ^^
The models pick them self what they would like to produce and the sentence: "Come on, is just pain, man up a bit!" You will never hear.
We stop right away if there is any kind of blood (not menstruation blood wink). We had one accident so far in 8 years producing over 60 movies and came from a butt plug, the model brought with and wanted to use. The little cut from the cheap plastic was easy to sort, but some skins just bleed a lot more. 
The dogs have the same right... you have no idea how often we packed up because "he" wasn't in the mood. You clean up all and let some days pass to try again. When they are in the mood... they take out sliding doors just when they hear the models voices. laughing 
The concept of free will is crucial. The models decide by their own free will to engage with a dog and the dogs hop on without any secondary help.. the camera man is also there by his own choice tongue-out
The models feed them self ^^ the dogs get oven grilled chicken (1/2 a day, each), brown rice, carrots, broccoli and butternut. Cooked fresh each day (and i am not joking hehehe). They are also vet checked and never even missed a de-flea.. vaccination booklets without any miss.
We do what we do because we love animals... some love them more then humans. We are actually not against the ban on Bestiality as legalizing it would draw cruel people into the game, abusing the animals for the now easy to make profit. On the other hand we think that our models have the right to express their love to animals to the fullest as nobody gets hurt during this process. A dog runs away and hides when he is scared.. not hop on the ass of a hot chick and humps her silly. The girls would enjoy not to have to hide anymore.. but prefer the hiding to possible animal cruelty if legalized.
So yeah.. that is how we roll.
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