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In da Club
Welcome on iKnot.Club
You found our little hang out. If you are interested in material from Alison, Yasmin, Benji or Unimportant Productions, you found our main base wink
Our joining procedure sucks, just to warn you. But after 7 years operating and still have unshared movies to the public from that year, we consider the "Trial" a working concept. If you would like to join, you have to write an email to: and prepare a crypto account at the trader of your choice. If you don't know where to look, start with and see how it fits you. Otherwise, Google the recommended trader for your country and setup the account. You are ready to go, contact Uni cool
Any person violating our main rule, no sharing what so ever without permission, will get removed from the club. We also have a working, invisible to the eye, watermarking system in place. Doesn't disturb your watching experience but we just need a few seconds of movie to read out the owner... works with screen captures from Tubes too.
The club is nothing like others out there, at least that is what our members let us know.. and they are everywhere. Our members are also our eyes and ears and let us know about shared material anywhere out there.. club only features hardcore Fans, web, darknet, trade channels.
We run a social network software like Facebook.. just zero ads hehehe and private messaging, that includes Models like Luna, Alison, Yasmin, Lina, Sky,... Second we don't have fake female profiles, all female club members are actually females. 
Alison already produces in 4k, Unimportant Productions will upgrade this year and even build a studio for the new material to use green screens and super slow motion in way better quality light wise. 
Alison does Live Shows over Skype right now.
Live streaming will come to the club software in 2023/24, you will be able to watch on different cameras and angles the Unimportant Productions production studio while they produce new material for movies... plus the models will have Q&A live sessions.
The Club store has 115 movies (March 2024), including 3 boar and 24 horse movies, on offer at the moment, all un-shared to the public and the Video section can get used as much as you like, we run unlimited traffic.
Unimportant Productions still offers Club Members the possibility to visit and see it personally, they work on utmost discretion both ways.  
The club got created for people in the mood to support their preferred producers and protect them from illegal sharing. If you are one of those, you will enjoy the club stay as you can communicate with people like you. If you have a dog, we hand all Ladies asking for a meeting but to far from any Producers location, to the club members, if they are located in travel distance.
If you are a producer and look for a home (please contact, we charge 0% release fees... you handle your own deals and get 100% of what your customer paid. We think the little there is should go into the right pockets to produce some more cool We are unique... in every way.
If you want to model for Unimportant Productions, please send no pictures from the start. Just contact Uni ( He will ask for a personalized picture, nothing intruding your privacy, picture of your hand, without any face or other body parts, with a text written on the outer side of your hand, you get from Uni. It sorts all fake males instantly out, you can't photoshop the text on the skin and a female hand is rather easy to recognize. You get the text to write from Uni.. no rush, sis! wink Once you get the picture request, use your mobile phone, and send it within 48 hours. Doesn't need to be art.. ball pen does a perfect job. 
Have a sexy time... perhaps we chat even soon inside the club with each other. laughing
Capturing the magic in close up for 8 years
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Posted in iKnot Club on February 26 2022 at 07:52 AM

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