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Girl Life - The Knot Club / Play Me (in development)

Play Me
Girl Life Bestiality Mod:
Secure connection wink 
Full Download Version 1.5
This is not a standalone game, but a mod. Downloading it without the game will not work!
You can download the game here:
You will need:
- QSP Player
- Game QSP file
- Media files (pictures, videos and sounds)
If you have issues to install, you find 24/7 help on the GirlLife discord channel.
Is not my mod but I host it:
Girl Life - Best Mod (if there is a newer version, please contact me with the download link (MrUnimportant@Protonmail.com))
To start The Knot Club you need at least 1 in Bestiality experience. You can reach that over the Best Mod or set Bestiality experience to 1 in the description of the Knot Club mod (mods section). You can also set it back to zero by clicking it again and disable all. TheKnot Club mod does not interfere with the game stories and shouldn't mess up anything, but I would highly recommend to make a game save before you install the mod (copy the content of the zip file into your GirlLife mod folder (file and folder with the same name) then start the game, go to the options menu and select "mods". Install by typing the mod name: theknot
- To start, check out the asylum (60% to encounter the dog)
- Stick to the training area till the movie section shows up.
- Don't rush the movies, there are 12 in total and they unlock over your raising Bestiality experience.
- There is no story to follow in V1.5, is just a location you can sleep, have fun in and earn money.
I put the 5 hours time lock in place to ruin the mod if you still go to school. The mod is more for late game, living in the city now, or when you got kicked out from home and want a spot to sleep in the city.
V2 will contain horse material, checked with Alison, she agreed to help. But I have zero idea when I start to work on the update, I simply have other things to do right now. Somebody wants to support the project financially, send me a email and ready a crypto account wink
If you are in the mood to help with coding, let me know cool I want to setup a team to create a game with the GirlLife engine, so need to port to Sugarcube Java and make it online ready. The idea is to just use the locations (City, Town, Village), remove all story content from Sveta and create a open world sandbox with different starting location but the same playable female (female protagonist only). So at the end there will also be writers needed... but we start with the converting to online first. And yes, I checked with Kevin, he is cool with the idea.
(I put V2 for The Knot Club on hold for now. Mods are not to easy to handle and integrate with the game code. Play Me will get a full Bestiality content update once the rest of the game runs. For now we stick to the usual nasties.)
Play Me (Stand-alone Game, free download only for members so far inside the club)
I started with Play Me, a new QSP based game. Started to write the beginning, 5 Family selections with 5 different Teen age selection with 5 different School selection, each having 5 possible starts. That results in 125 different possible start setups with different locations. Beside location they will preset relations and your stats. Those are presets, if you ruin the relation or go from bad girl to good girl or vice versa, you will be able to do that. 
Play Me you start when your character is 18 - 19 years old, depending on selections you made. Don't want to train Kickboxing from start.. make her a kickboxer. She might just had Prom last night or is already in a job as a sales person to help support the family. Parents might be divorced or one part died... or even both got killed and your uncle took over.. what can be friendly or abusive. Characters get a preset, so not all you can do in scenarios you selected can be done in free roaming. I coded 3 family selection front to back, so 80 starts are in and will add the other 45 at a later stage. Will go on with the starter locations next, they will flow into the game. If you wake up to pack your bag and run away will change your play location after you found a place to sleep and stay. If you like the idea and want to support it, please send me an email to MrUnimportant@Protonmail.com. I put you on a list and when I have enough people to support the project, I go 100% behind the game and get me some help.
Status: Character count in all scripts: 17.5 million. City, Town, Village locations
Starting locations: Mansion, Big House, Apartment, small house, shack, homeless.
If you do good or bad in a job can mean that you get kicked out or transferred. If you are a sales person in the city, you might get transferred to the Village location, so relocation or longer travel and cost. Or you get promoted from Sales to Manager and perhaps transferred from the Village to the City. (The Russian content is 100% removed and set in a more general neutral location. Done with the locations and present NPCs. Relatives, Starter Boyfriend and the Fashion quest givers.)
Job options: Factory worker or secretary, Fashion store sales or manager, Shoe store sales or manager, Supermarket cashier or manager, Bank secretary, manager or CEO (Quest line), Pharmacy sales or manager, Post Office counter or manager, Police as Academy Officer, Officer, Detective or secret agent (quest line), Bakery manager or baker (Quest line, Personal Cream Buns), Hospital nurse or night nurse (for sure adding something here), rent a market stall to sell food you cooked or picked, different model options from supermodel (quest Line, nearly finished) to high class escort (quest line), runners and kickboxers have competitions, walk the streets as a prostitute, run your brothel from home or rent a location you can put submissive people in to sell their body for you (check the schools). Same can happen to you, boyfriend or every family member(s) can force you into prostitution (start selections). Strip Club, Glory Hole (You can drill your own in the wall of your Shack), Porn Studio, prostitution. People can die, you can end in prison and the game has endings. You get killed or go insane.. is a game over. There is rape, abduction, sold into slavery scenarios, voluntary slavery, incest with all family members as option or preset, you can romance and get married or forced into marriage, even with a ex teacher... 125 starting possibilities give room to check out new stuff, but will also take a bit of time till things are coded. Right now I work on the first starting option and add step by step the locations in. Once the play field is set and can get roamed without error, the quests will start.. we reached this stage. Coding content from now on. I add locations how I need them for the quest lines.
My goal is to add 500k lines of code a month.. let see how long I can keep it going ^^ And as said.. if you are in the mood to support the project, I will make supporter special options. Free players can only start as Middle Class Family. Wealthy, Super Rich, Poor and Orphan starter setups will only be available to supporters. Have to finance the time I spend on the game somehow cool
Interested to support the Game.. send me an email and I put you on the list and contact you back when the site is up.
If you want to send material, please follow these rules:
- 512x512 minimum resolution, the higher the better
- Looking straight into the camera or side ways, not looking over her shoulder, AI has huge issues with those.
- Slightly burred is OK, pixely not.
- Best work 3-5 picture series, to put a story together behind it. Zip it, email it. If video from tubes, just the link, I go and grab it
- Don't pre cut anything, leave the picture as it is, as I might have to do some cuts to make the AI do what I want it to do.
Main Quests in planning so far (will extend by time) + at least 50% done
+ SuperModel (extends the model agency) (Done till QW13 (20 is the last), adding random events next.) As i have enough start options, Scenario will get starts in (Rich, middle class and poor) where poor starts will fail the interview but get the scenario bridge to 'The Gentleman'
- The Gentleman (Online Private Club) A very exclusive club for the bored super rich. You get a face scanner to log into the site. Must be hotcat 8 or higher to use the site. Local and long distance escort is the main, beside she can auction off her virginity and will get handsomely paid by the fat guy ^^ So normal escort, travel, dinner, bla bla and get fucked on random selection jobs she needs to use public planes, no, no private jet for her hehehe. Beside rich son turns 18 and father gets him his first shag, group of friends want to find out who is the most potent (impregnation gang bang with forced abortion), BDSM surprise, mass rape, golden shower, forced scat,... lets see what perversions I find when I hunt for material. You have some weird shit? send it ^^
+ Police Officer/Detective/Secret Agent (So far Academy done with the work part till promotion to new location.) Write the case concepts beside Town and City end game. This quest line will be about same size as the supermodel quest line, around 500'000 characters.
- Rape addict  (Restaurant in the Slums, ex Robotnik)
+ The Bakery (New location and I will port the Bakery quest from "Degrees of Lewdity", sell Buns made from her Squirt juices and wee. World famous buns, DONE till City Bakery)
+ Caged start (multiple options, location done, start selection possible, just needs more rando events and a main quest line to follow)
- Pretty Woman (happy ending for a hooker) Depends on the SMS system rewrite, will check into it ASAP
+ Village Doctor (very old / young hypno content and breeding cows (you are not the only one he has under control) Concept written
+ Porn Star ... don't think I have to evaluate that, Porn Studio in the Slums works.. just gets a more realistic rework. Concept written the porn star path will open when you go Bimbo and commando.. and work at the porn studio.
- Daddies Test Object (poor scenario or rich dad hates you. Your Dad works for a pharma company and feeds you test substances without you knowing.)
+ Pop Star.. will be going direction Bright Past quest line. Concept written, this one will add at least the Studio location to the City Suburb. Write songs, play guitar to a certain level and sing in the roads to make money. You might encounter a music producer and the quest starts. If i can convince a friend of mine, she already does the voice overs and sings.. you might get her voice singing the songs.. sorry not own written songs.. i am not starting a music production for this game. tongue-out Just get some covers done.
- Runner World Champ 100m (You start with winning the City Championship and end at the Olympics, you will spend more time training as anything else)
- MMA fighter (same route for Kickboxer ^^ should be able to share quite some code with Runner, so just needs story line)
- Very rich starts have a abduction scenario, depending how your parents like you the story will unfold.
- wlife forced prostitution. My story line will be a bit different and the gang ruins her life step by step till she has no other option.
+ TheFarm (have to bring some HuCow content hehehe, forced and free will) Concept written. I have very little content material and have to get a good load of material to see what story can be build. If you have great HuCow material.. please send to me email
- New Bank CEO (How to get from Zero to Hero with using your body, clever start and a naughty play style will open this quest line)
- Family Relations (both parents alive. Ignore, hate or love you), same for Step-Parents (orphanage adoption starts) or throw in a brother or sister.. in step-versions too. One part (dad or mom) died. Plus all possible incest options or slavery options including Uncle and Grandpa. Yeah, your poor parents or relatives might whore you out from the start).. even scenario where you just killed one parent to have the other for your own... what involves hiding the dead body.
- Jail Life (kinda has to be part.. as you also might just get released from youth jail, as you killed both your parents.)
- Normal relations. Standard vanilla relations, submissive to them or them to you and ending in marriage. (will take a bit of play time)
- Babies... for now I will just stick to content for babies up to 2 years old. There will be endings, good or bad after 2 years raising the first kid.
- Beauty Setups. Is rather simple, Super Rich will have great skin and teeth anyhow... and poor starts have no money for skin cream.. you know where we are going. 
- Adoption scenarios. From Rich Family to Syndicate (drug mule, forced prostitution, assassin?)
- And the usual run away starts, school drop out or finished school. The game will be playable without doing anything "nasty". Get a job, run a relation and live a normal live, hetero, bisexual or lesbian.
- And when all stands and the 'vanilla' version is done and dusted. Luna will get some face replaces so Becca can have her own dog. Full relation with her four legged partner(s), will keep it more reality related and she will hide that to the outside world. Exposure will wreck her life.. what happens in real life too. If her family finds out, they might hide that fact and keep you home. So 3 scenario starts. Already active with dog and her own small house and low paid job or Family found out and you are bound to the house only. Free roam you will be able to get a puppy at the pet shop or Scenario3, take in a stray. Puppies need time to grow into adult hood, so a few months will pass before you can start your little adventure with him.
Lets first put that all in cool enough work but with 125 options.. not hard to add content wink If you have an idea or would like something realized. Just write me a email. 
I moved the game off the club: Play Me Sandbox
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