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Play Me
Girl Life Bestiality Mod:
Secure connection wink 
Full Download Version 1.5
This is not a standalone game, but a mod. Downloading it without the game will not work!
You can download the game here:
You will need:
- QSP Player
- Game QSP file
- Media files (pictures, videos and sounds)
If you have issues to install, you find 24/7 help on the GirlLife discord channel.
Is not my mod but I host it:
Girl Life - Best Mod (if there is a newer version, please contact me with the download link (MrUnimportant@Protonmail.com))
To start The Knot Club you need at least 1 in Bestiality experience. You can reach that over the Best Mod or set Bestiality experience to 1 in the description of the Knot Club mod (mods section). You can also set it back to zero by clicking it again and disable all. TheKnot Club mod does not interfere with the game stories and shouldn't mess up anything, but I would highly recommend to make a game save before you install the mod (copy the content of the zip file into your GirlLife mod folder (file and folder with the same name) then start the game, go to the options menu and select "mods". Install by typing the mod name: theknot
- To start, check out the asylum (60% to encounter the dog)
- Stick to the training area till the movie section shows up.
- Don't rush the movies, there are 12 in total and they unlock over your raising Bestiality experience.
- There is no story to follow in V1.5, is just a location you can sleep, have fun in and earn money.
I put the 5 hours time lock in place to ruin the mod if you still go to school. The mod is more for late game, living in the city now, or when you got kicked out from home and want a spot to sleep in the city.
V2 will contain horse material, checked with Alison, she agreed to help. But I have zero idea when I start to work on the update, I simply have other things to do right now. Somebody wants to support the project financially, send me a email and ready a crypto account wink
(I put V2 for The Knot Club on hold for now. Mods are not to easy to handle and integrate with the game code. Play Me will get a full Bestiality content update once the rest of the game runs. For now we stick to the usual nasties.)
Play Me (Stand-alone Game, free download only for members so far inside the club)
I moved the game out off the club: Play Me Sandbox
Posted in iKnot Club on August 08 2023 at 06:42 PM

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