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Welcome to some real answers wink

WARNING! There are people posing as me. You can very easy verify this by writing me an email to my work account: MrUnimportant@protonmail.com

Why do it?

One word, fun. OK, you can't generalize things, there is always the exception. People actually knowing the topic and rejecting it. Is just not their thing, you have to accept that. Then there are the people not knowing the topic and rejecting it. Their general assumption is that the topic gets practiced out of abuse and humiliation. Once they see the first time a proper movie of a woman having fun, laughs and finished off with a visual orgasm, their opinion can make a 180 degree turn right away and a "no, i would never do that" turns into a "OK, that I could do, that looks rather hot". And that leads to the answer of "why do it?". Is just different sex and sex somebody likes usually have follow up events. 
Licking is and was to any woman, I met and having a try, a high light. How deep the tongue enters the vagina is just next level. Zero complains on this one.
Vaginal things get really interesting to most women. Very different to normal human sex. Very fast, very short, very intense. This intensity is a breaking point for about 10%. Is just to much stimulation and their brain turns it to pain. I would really say is a wiring issue. 50% enjoy the ride as something special but is also not a total replacement for a guy.. more a quicky to de-stress. And to about 40% new dimensions open up. cool
Heard from best orgasm they ever had to.. now i need a dog. One woman even came several times so hard, she passed out from the intensity of the orgasms. After 5 times her brain had adapted thou.. but those first 5 she treasures a lot.
Anal. Please, do not try that stunt till you can enter a toy matching the size of the knot you want to tackle. If a ball gets pulled through a ring.. what ever material you use.. the ball will win and if the ring doesn't stretch enough, the ring pops open. In clear words, you will need stitching's on your bum. Nothing dangerous but you will get asked some questions. Play anal save and stretch properly before trying. If you like anal anyhow.. should become rather entertaining. If you hate it.. not sure why you get the idea it will become better with an animal. 

How do I get contact or start

If you want to make your own first steps but don't know where to start would focus on reading and avoid joining social boards... the community has a very simple issue. Females into animals. There are plenty actually. But due to the treatment they get from a very small percentage, they are hiding. For good reason as exposure never led in our field to a happy ending. Once they are active, they enjoy in silence and stay out of the zoo of fakes. As there are not many real women to find on those boards.. and those will sooner or later hide too.. that shortage leads to males posing as women. The internet has these days enough material to download so they can get rather far, if you forget to check and use your head for a bit to make sure the other person is not an identity thief or uses cut out material to create his fake persona.
How to start.. i recommend to all asking me that.. get a puppy, raise it with love and do puppy classes and at least the first 2 obedience classes. Once the dog reaches adult age, you can check if he/she is interested. If you are more into watching, now you have something to offer a curious female. Having a dog changes the options.. having none is what it is, you have nothing to offer, girls look for boyfriends on dating sites. And if you raise him to please your girlfriends or wife.. don't jack him off before he is active with her, they get lazy and expect you to do that and not mount her anymore. So that is said too.
Sorry.. is my only suggestion to start.. if you have none.. get a dog! 
Contact.. just had a chat with one of the models and she brought it up rather well. There are Forums out there with over 50% of fakes and if something is more fake as real it becomes fake entirely. If you want to work with numbers to check how "real" some boards are, we check identities of female profiles on iKnot. You want a female profile you have to show you are actually a female.. we don't tolerate fakes. 4% of our members are female, 96% are male. This number shows why the real searchers complain about not enough females out there.. PetGirls avoid those boards as nothing good ever came when exposed on such a board. The models are not included in those numbers.. just the people joining the club.. 4% wink are female or couple accounts.

Real and Fake

What matters is 'real' not 'fake'. So watch your step out there. If you are not sure about the identity of the other side. We recommend to ask for a personalized picture of the outside of one of their hands. Yes, hand, nothing more. No "real" woman will refuse such a request as she can't get exposed over such a picture. If she has tattoo's on both hands, might use a foot. As we all have a ball pen laying around, let them write a short message on the skin. Best involving your name to make it more unique. Let them take a picture of the hand with the writing with their phone and send to you. Female hand or foot is very easy to recognize and you can't photoshop the writing. In general things stop right here if you deal with a fake. When ever you have a doubt.. make a check! And do not accept any excuses.. hands will not give anybody's identity away. Doing those checks for 7 years.. some even get freaky and write the text on her pussy to make it crystal clear.. we only ask for the hand in all cases tongue-out

Is it dangerous?

Nothing is really 100% safe.. so here some of the more serious risks.
Dealing with a fake can cost you your life. There are some rather disturbing characters out there, please be careful and always check that the other is who he/she pretends to be. If you look for a secure way to get local contact, you might want to consider iKnot as our members are all real and if we pass you to a dog owner from the club, you can be sure we checked that person out for you. But for a lot the travel distance to us is just a bit to far and a local person with a trained dog more convenient. To join, contact Uni (email bottom page) or read this blog, then contact Uni wink.
The penis of a dog contains a bone, the baculum. There is a certain risk, if you go to crazy, it can puncture the vagina wall or colon. The result is in any case a visit to the hospital. Keeping to doggy for the start should prevent such things. Also, is really only happening if you try some really freaky shit tongue-out But i would rate this as the most serious that can happen on sex act accidents.
Worms are most likely the easiest to get... if the dog isn't dewormed... what they should be. Also never met a woman so stupid to try a street mutt.. i mean not a film set scenario.. but a unvaccinated dog living in the streets. Don't do that! If you like to go out and spread for bums anyhow.. feel free. 
If you look into the proper protection for all involved, the act leaves not even the smallest scratch. Things must go terribly terribly wrong that one ends hurt.
A dog will not give you a STD, if the STD is not present at other humans he has sex with and it must really happen on a session the same day. If you only have sex with him, you will never get anything from him.. and no, genetically not matching, your can't get pregnant either. Is more playing with a self propelled dildo which changes shape over time, protects you when in danger and snuggles up on you when you are sad, useful dildos wink

Does size matter?

It shouldn't be to small.. what is hard to guess when you get your puppy. Saw some weird configurations of cocks on dogs. Small dogs can have huge cocks, that huge that you question yourself how that would fit inside the same size female dog. Cock of a Yorgi touched his front legs.. how that worked in relation to blood and dog size is still a mystery to me. Other hand I saw a Doberman with the smallest dog cock in body relation. Humans would have called it a one incher laughing no way he could have done it with another Doberman female.
Stick to medium.. medium is a good way to go and i also would say stay away from any "combat" dog breeds or high dominant breeds like Mastiffs, Carne Corso, Dogo,... aim more for a social one, Labradors, Retrievers, Shepard's,... family dog breeds are easier to walk (My favored dog as family dog is a Rhodesian Ridgeback, the dog in our videos). Cause less trouble. To much is not as fun as fitting perfectly.
Anal is about how much you can stretch, going bigger as your limit will end in injury. Stay reasonable!
Vaginal you have to check with toys what length you can take with what diameter. If your vagina is more on the smaller size, a to big dog will hurt.. a lot. Reaching the end with the baculum will be no fun. Knotting not possible as the end result of the dogs cock size pushes itself out of you. If you are rather tiny, look for dogs in the 30kg area.. endurance runners do also longer humping.. keep that in mind perhaps. The last dog breed i actually recommend are great Danes and all those very tall standing dogs. When you are on your four, knees up to your vagina entrance, is a bit the standing Hight you look for. Taller and your body position becomes very uncomfortable.. keep in mind, the dog will grab you with his front legs, so you will have to carry his weight too. Doing that half standing is not making your life easier and for sure you are more buggered with keeping your balance then enjoying the fuck. Keep things in range!!! Any person suggesting you to start this journey with a great Dane is a fake not having the smallest idea hehehe one of the more easy way to expose them self. A great Dane is no starter dog... one of the worst fuckers anyhow. Never saw a great Dane do a job longer as a few seconds.. there are way way better options.
Select what fits your body.. not your fantasy or somebody else fantasy.

How do I train?

I only go into dogs as I personal don't work with an animal if the animal doesn't do all by itself without any female in heat standing next to fake it. There is no reason to use anything to help the process. Horny woman is usually enough for a dog to get interested.. i like that self decided part.
How to train... working on a training video.. so that is soon soon out, we just trained 2 Rhodesian Ridgebacks.
Start with getting your puppy. When you go and select, do not choose the loner in the back.. the anti social hiding in his crate. You want a active and self confident one. 
Raise him/them, starting with 2 has advantages and huge disadvantages, don't go for 2 as your first dog.. stay with one, easier over all. Get em with the needed trainings into adult hood. Big dog breed usually around 1.5 years, +- 3 months.
It needs a lot of patience and play. They react to moaning so include the vocal part and see what they react well to or not so much. As a woman is more easy, play with yourself in his presence. Take your time and let your smell fill the room. Moaning helps to raise attention. Stick to doggy, as is the most natural position and you have great stability. You might need both arms in the beginning, so look for something stable, very stable wink, to lay your chest on, that way you can use your arms once doggy. Patience and do a little break all 20 mins. He does things right, give him the usual rewards/treats. Will take a few days but it will make click at one time.
You will get the receiving end of the deal.. once mounted, he will lay on your back and grab you like you are put in a vice. The additional weight will strain your knees. For training I recommend some rollerblades knee protectors, very cheap to get and do a perfect job. For him, get some dog boots. To measure his paw size, put front paw on a sheet of paper and draw with a pen around his paw. Measure longest and widest distance on the drawing and that will help you to order the right boot size for him, you only need front. Now you are properly scratch protected for any adventure.
Once he licks your lower parts with enthusiasm, time to go on your four and see what he does. Usually they try to come on side ways, not from behind. Crawl forward. As they/he still try to grab you, with your crawling you line em up. Stop and wait. If he is on but doesn't "search", the instinct isnt fully in yet, he needs more time. If he searches.. means he tries to find your vagina entrance with his cock, you might want to help him.. but only when he searches himself. Be decisive in your action. When you grab his cock he will trust. If you guide him on your pelvis, bone hitting bone with soft skin in between.. will sting, harsh. If you get him in, he will start his first run and most likely slips out as he moves to much with his hind legs. This needs just experience and you will see that he gets calmer each time. Crawling should soon be done and they always come from behind, they search more gentle each new try.. and their stand becomes rock solid.. congratulation, you just trained your dog.

Can you control his desires?

If you just train and have fun without putting up any 'rules', he might pester you or any female in public. Very common sign to ask, if 'she' lets him, is simply sticking his nose up her/your crotch and give it a good push.. from front or behind doesn't matter. Not all do that thou... but most of my dogs did or do it. If you want to get that out, you can wear certain clothes. As we record and protect the identity of the models, our sign is when the woman wears a mask, she signals that she would be up for some fun. But can be a certain color t-shirt or what jumps your mind to wear. You are dressed "neutral" you reject every approach right away. Once the girls wear a mask, he gets what he asks for. Can be just a little change. We still sit and chat but she puts the mask on, if one comes asking, she lets em lick her vagina right away to tell, now we can get started. Takes a bit but makes click at one stage. Just avoid mixed messages at any cost. Wearing the part and rejecting will confuse him or accept his advances when not wearing it.. be strict.

Should I record and release?

Only you can decide that. If you would like a little side income, you can. Best if you have no tattoo's at all. They give you away easiest.. or is a Unicorn on your ankle laughing but a specific tattoo on a visible spot, walking outside, can get you into troubles. As mentioned before.. there are some really crazies out there and they all lurk in those free boards. If you are into tattoo's and have a lot already, i would not recommend to release. There are loads of bad examples what happens to exposed women and not a single good one.
If you get the idea to release, you can send a mail to Uni (check bottom page).

Live shows still a thing?

Is the most asked first question dropping into my email. laughing
Can keep it short... we had last club visit end November and get again just after Xmas... so big Yes, we still offer club members to have the vacation of a life time and check the box on their bucket list for being present at a real act. Wife might be on a city tour while you play "golf" wink

The Club Trial is stupid and sucks!

I know and it might surprise you, I totally agree with you! The moment there is a better option to sort out "friendly" from "foes" will change the trial. I would love to offer movies for 10$ a copy to the masses. A very small part of the mass just kills the concept with their stupid sharing habit. The trial came into place to add a value to the membership a "bad apple" will lose if he/she (are always dudes somehow ehehehe) violates the club rule.. is just one. No sharing of any information you get inside the club. That doesn't work all the time but a lot better as no trial or small monthly fees. I invested a lot of time to create my own watermarking system, I would not have started to produce material without.. very simple. It had to be invisible to the eye to not disturb the viewing pleasure. So if somebody gets the idea to cancel his club membership and share/trade/sell to the public, one of the members will see the offer.. they are everywhere.. and let me know. I confirm the sharing case and usually the member buys the copy and sents it to me. If he didn't had the movie before, he has it now. And can select a movie from our club store as a reward. Best case the hunter ends with 2 new movies (one at a very cheap price, one free) and we release all movies the now kicked member bought from the store to kill the resell value. Result.. the sharer sold 1 copy and lost his trial as he gets kicked about 2 minutes after i got the copy of the movie he put for sale.. they all try to sell.. not share for free wink Free shares are easier to check.. and a few seconds are enough Demo clips let you walk without even a sale tongue-out few seconds are enough to read out the owner.
We have still movies in the store produced over 5 years ago.. that is how little our members share and how well they protect us. They like what we do and want to keep the material coming. And just to name it.. there are 70 totally unknown to the public movies in the club store right now... we will add 2 to that number this month.

How to release inside iKnot?

That is a rather simple procedure. Send a 2-3 minutes demo clip to Uni (check bottom page), we suggest to unpack your best, Club members are rather spoiled wink Uni will put the clip in the video section and members simply vote if they want more or not. If you get voted in you get your club account and can release inside the club. The club commission is 0% (yes, is a zero). Everything a client pays for goes into your own pocket. We want to keep material flowing and hence the money goes into the pocket of the team which produced it... every single penny. You will need your own crypto account to do this. If you can't open one, will be very hard, rest of the payment providers outlawed us. So check into this before you send the demo clip.

Do you use any medical aids when recording?

I get that question from time to time. Simple no.. the little blue pills would most likely work on dogs. Not sure, I know pain killers use same substances as human pain killers. But what would a blue pill help? Is not that you have more sex drive, it keeps the erection longer up. Dogs have a rather long after time.. after the humping.. they stay hard with no movement. And once they are done, they are done. Only thing helping to get em horny is time. The older the longer the wait.. 2 days up in general. So no, people telling that their dog humps em 5 times a day is just BS. Just active and new to sex, they are rather eager, 2-3 times a day. But that drops very fast to 3-5 times a week. (They can mount several times and not finish.. but once finished.. done till horny again, just to make it more clear, they usually try till done.)
So what we do when models are changed and did makeup, cameras are set and he just lays on the ground not interested... and trust me that happens. We pack.. and try 2 days later and check if he is in the mood now. There are no pills, no pep talk to man up that would do any change.. you pack and wait.

Why all those little stories?

They come out of club member suggestions. Some have ideas in their heads.. if they are possible to realize, we give it a try. I would love to tackle a full movie size project but last experiences just showed that there is no real demand. We still will up our game a bit and start working with backdrops (green, white and black, 6x4 meters). My goal is to create material people can watch together at home as entertainment... not sensational but esthetic related. Nice and stimulating to watch. I know a few women who reject to do it them self, but love to watch it.

The dogs diet

If you plan to have your puppy over mail order, please don't have a dog wink I see it as a must to pick up at the breeder.. last distance i went to pick up and drive em back were 1600KM ~1000 miles one way. Once you picked up the gorgeous cutey and paid, my first question is what he recommends to feed. If you can go on with the same food the change is less dramatic for the little one.. and you have to clean up less more liquid poo tongue-out Changing their diet means they have to adapt their stomachs and colons first.. result is most of the time a liquid mess.
My ridgebacks get (Amount depending on their body weight):
7-8 weeks to 3 months. Hill's Science Plan Puppy food for large breeds and full cream fresh cow milk.
3 months to 9 months. Hill's Science Plan Puppy food for large breeds.
9 months to 12 months. Brown rice, carrots or butternut mash, chicken liver and Hill's Science Plan Puppy Food for large breeds.
12 months on: White or Brown Rice, carrots or butternut mash and chicken hearts and chicken gizzards.
Fresh water present all the time.
I prefer to feed fresh food as I also have to pick up every shit they do. Walks, beach,.. I pick all shit up and dump it in the trash. Fresh food has no filler they put in dry food to just fill the stomach but can't digest it. Quite a good amount of the 16kg bags dry food just go through the dog and you carry it twice around wink I have the advantage that I get about 40kg fresh chicken (hearts and gizzards) for the price a bag of 16kg Hill's Science Plan large breed food costs. 10kg of rice is nothing compared to it and the veg are the smallest cost. Yes, I am cooking more or less something each day. The chicken hearts/gizzards i pan fry in 2kg batches, carrots or butternut till the big pot is full, cooked and then mashed, rice 1 kg dry rice at the time, lasts 1.5 days for the two dogs i have now. Something needs refill each day.. always something needs a refill.
For training they get dog treats from the shop. If they bug me they get a carrot.. my dogs never see any kind of sugar.. no chocolate, no bonbons or what ever.
They have their own passports and as they travel by plane sometimes (private jet, no, not mine hehehe) their vet booklet is flawless.
What you put in comes out again.. the rule is simple. A puppy can hold for 1 hour it is a month old. 1 month = 1 hour, 3 months = 3 hours and so on.. if they soil their bed, don't get mad.. you have a bit baby duties and put em out by hand. Check to put em always on the same spot. The smell of the wee in the area helps to get em going. If the doors are closed.. they can't open them.. so once more, you can't be mad i they make a pooh in front of the door. Clean up and check that they have access to their toilet area. Once they reached 8 months, you have your usual nights back. The more regular you put em out and do your night shift.. the faster they get clean. If you can leave the door to their toilet area open during night, you will have a easy sleep way earlier. 
Even it might piss you off that they refill the tank usually right away, but they need water to keep their liver functions up.. they grow at very fast speed early on. So yeah ^^ baby night duties, i even set my alarm to wake up and get em out. Is a personal interest, my dogs sleep in my bed, i have a King and a Double pushed together to have enough space for all, wee in bed sucks laughing But been there... cleaned that.

Do you get rich from producing PetPorn?

Absolutely, Santa Clause also brings me each years still personally my presents. wink
No, you don't as there are way to many limitations to trade and advertise the material. My Paypal account got confiscated and before you talk up.. sending your local bank account to get the money in the account.. they offer that.. the cops would laugh their asses off when they knock on your door. That was my first try to get a super slow motion camera and i stocked up. Some douche bag placed complains with Paypal and once under watch it was a simple comment on the transaction: Please sent me the newest movie from Luna. The guy ordering didn't do it on purpose, was just desperate to get his hands on the new movie.. but Paypal shut my account down right away. And no, I didn't went to the cops to complain or sent Paypal my bank account details. Took it as a loss (~11k$).. and the slow motion project took a different form. Still happy we could finish it as it is up to date very unique material to learn a lot about things happening during the act. 
Next was the upload service we once used.. Uploadfiles.io That dude was rather clear.. yeah, go to the police if you dare, we keep those 5k we own you.. sold over their CC system and people could pay with credit card at the time. Learnt my lesson and installed our own cloud.. which we use since. People out there try to take advantage of you... why we stick to the club and ignore the fake/hater world outside. The longer you stay inside this fun world.. the more you learn that you are safest in a small group of people you can trust. That doesn't get you rich.. trust me on that... BUT, heck it is fun wink
This might come a bit by surprise, but like we state on the site about, we actually support the ban as a legalization would bring out the 'bad' people not caring about the animals or models and just want to cash in. Not a single suffering animal is worth legalization.. so yeah.. it is what it is. The oldest fetish in the world.. and also the most misunderstood one. 

How important are testicles?

Is a rather simple one. If the dog had sexual experience with a human before his balls get removed, he will still remember and hop on, have a short spin and that was it. A shadow of what he did before. Jake got his testicles removed due to a prostate over function. Options the Vet gave were very clear. About 6 months left or remove his testicles. Split second later the date for his castration was set. Amazing was to see how quick everything set back to normal. The old man is now on special joint care and became a total couch potato. When he is present on a set, he still gets the first hop on, we call him just "The Gentleman". His 10th birthday is around the corner.
If the dog never had sexual contact with a human before, he will not do what you expect. Has no desire to reproduce, hormones just missing.
Shelter dogs are in general no option as the strays get castrated right away. Doesn't help a shelter if there are additional puppies popping out everywhere. Na, you can't jump the step to raise your own.. an you honestly don't want to miss out on the short puppy time. 

Do dogs actually enjoy it?

That is a tricky question to the part, you can't actually have a direct conversation. Not like talking and asking. But if you spend some time with dogs, you will notice that they actually "talk" rather well. You can teach a dog a lot of tricks.. from simple circus tricks to searching mines or sniff explosives. To them this is a game as there is a reward at the end.. always or they would lose interest over time.
We use rewards during training only.. just to speed up the process. There is no need for rewards after they understood that they are allowed to mount those females. That is my signal, they enjoy it as you don't have to "bribe" em with a reward to keep em going.
This goes a bit further as you think. Once it made click and they see the model is on the property, they want to be close. In the beginning our work rhythm was different. We made the shots depending to the idea. Intro, plot, action, exit as example. Intro and plot might require the dog to be not present. Easy peasy, locked him in the main house, granny flat i had the studio. Problem was he saw the model through the window and she had a mask on. There was a huge noise but thank god no shatter noises and before i even reach the window to check he pushed the sliding door open and went straight to the model to give his opinion about what has to happen next. When I checked, he took out the glass sliding door, was still in one piece leaning against the table. The thing should be burglar proof.. he took it out. Result was that we changed our work rhythm in a simple way. Action, exit, intro, plot... they don't give much options so you adapt. He gets to steam off first, then we do exit, intro and plot and cut together to make sense. Just by behavior... I would say that they enjoy very much the time on set with the models.
And yes, they have always access to fresh water.. they get thirsty wink

I have questions needing answers.

Write me a email (check bottom page).. I answer all I can answer. Might take some time as I am simply busy and like to take my time with peoples questions. I avoid the public boards.. the amount of fake profiles is just mind boggling. The club got founded 7 years ago to keep things real, real is just the best! wink
We do not bite... only fakes
Just to make it 100% clear. Those are my personal experiences, nothing more. People might divert with me on certain points and most likely are valid to do so. Just working with about 30 different women and being present at over 2000 live acts, played with my first dog when i was 5.. no nothing sexual ^^ played. And had 7 dogs under own responsibility. Each raised inside and never had to sleep outside, my dogs are my buddies. And yes, i actually prefer the company of animals to humans. To get that in relation ^^ Jake, the Ridgeback most of you know from our movies, had more sex then me in the last 7 years and over all more different chicks compared to me during my own life.. and i mean all of it laughing
What matters most is that you don't start this journey thinking you get a free ride. Once you get your puppy, you took in a commitment that needs to get fulfilled, that is your duty. Long vacation in countries far far away no option anymore and you will have cost coming your way. They need proper food, vet care and love. Dogs are very social, ignoring them would hurt them more then if you beat them. I had a Rottweiler with a girlfriend and we lived in an apartment. This is not ideal but works as long as you provide the dog with the needed walk time, morning and evening 1 hour (get good rain gear.. no matter what he gets his walks) will keep him and you in shape. You get a best buddy... treat your best buddy right and you will have a great time with the most loyal friend you can have. 
Stay sexy!
Contact Uni: MrUnimportant (AT) protonmail.com
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